Once upon a time in New York...

They say that anything can happen in New York City. A cultural hub, it’s a place that inspires, sparks creativity and feeds the soul. And it’s also the place where Wayne Hull had an epiphany twelve years ago. While walking down a noisy Midtown street, he heard a man yell out, “That’s GORGEOUS!” Struck by the ‘gorgeousness’ of the word itself, Wayne knew he had just heard the name for the restaurant he was planning on opening. Fast track to today, in another cultural hub, Auckland’s Dominion Road, Wayne is the proud owner of a small slice of New York – Gorgeous New York Pizza Bar.

To say pizza is Wayne’s ‘soulfood’ would be an understatement. He is passionate about pizza from start to finish – hand rolling the dough, crafting the homemade tomato sauce and finally, gently sliding each pizza into the oven until just seconds later, the hot doughy scent tantalises his customers as it wafts throughout the restaurant. Moreover, he loves that pizza is a symbol for relaxation and an experience that connects people of all ages; a food to be shared and enjoyed by couples, friends, and families alike.

Gorgeous pizzas are all named after stunning women – supermodels, cultural icons, actresses and even a few of Wayne’s ex-girlfriends. It’s a bit of lighthearted fun that pays homage to exceptional beauty – because at Gorgeous that’s how the pizza is viewed. But Gorgeous is more than just a pretty face. Unlike most pizza restaurants, its atmosphere encourages customers to unwind from the day’s cares and indulge their senses. The tables are resplendent with candles, the slow, sexy sounds of jazz and motown play in the background and the service comes with a smile... you’ll leave feeling satisfied by our soulfood and well, quite simply gorgeous.

Welcome to Wayne’s place, Gorgeous New York Pizza Bar.

Dine In • Take Out
09 630 3378
327 Dominion Road, Mt Eden, Auckland
Open 5pm - Late, Tuesday - Sunday